Got offscores?
At the moment offscores is being built. If you would like to join the beta let us know!

About us

Our history
"For some time I have been playing Risk, Monopoly and other games with the same three people and my sister-in-law kept scores in her mobile phone. Just simply, when did we played and who won.
After nine games, me and her still have not won any game and then it happened. I won the 10th game! I was so proud to have finally won, that I said I would have to build a website to honor this moment. That quote got me thinking of the idea of keeping score online and not just in a note on your phone.
That is what offscores is all about."

Jero Kühne, founder of offscores

What does offscores offer?

Offscores is primarily about keeping track of the games you've played, with who and who got what scores. Besides that you can also earn badges and tell anyone when you have won or have gotten a badge!

Future features

We're also working on something called "Pick 'n' date". Just enter the dates that you would like to meet up with the friends you're inviting and they can respond if they're available or not.

For beta users it is also possible to send in feature requests or simply just tell us what you think.